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 BIF Ch CoKie's Color My World POA 


Ch BMW Bulletts Over Broadway x GCh TriLa's Made For Me At CoKie AOM

Bred by Karen Kiellach

Owned by Hiroko K


Our first born, first litter, First home bred Champion, and Best In Futurity!

How do you even find the words to express this feeling? We are beyond thrilled, excited, humbled, blessed, proud, and flying high is just the beginning!! So many have lead us here today, and I am forever thankful to say the least! Those who worked so hard to preserve and carefully move forward this breed and the lines that I was blessed to have in my home. The mentors who help teach and guide me and listen to my ideas, support me. When I “caught” Jester during whelp, I never imagined this day, just how beautiful and precious that spotted boy was. Thank you so much for all who made this amazing dream come true. Tristen Lawrence you are phenomenal!! Can’t thank you enough! Jeff and Patrice my mentors and friends Tim and Debbi Jones for allowing me to use the magnificent Woody! Our kids made some beautiful and sweet babies! Trisha I value our friendship your support, and I can’t thank you enough for my sweet Story and encouraging me to reach out to Debbi! Congratulations and thank you to Hiroko for loving Jester from the moment he was born. I am truly blessed.

Thank you to all my supporters and cheerleaders, and my truly amazing husband Chris Kiellach

Huge thanks to Judge Neil O’Sullivan for this amazing honor I will cherish forever.

BIF CH CoKie’s Color My World POA “Jester”

Woody x Story

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