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Your wings were ready, but my heart was not

Just this side of heaven is a place called the Rainbow Bridge

Ch Journey's Diamond Girl v CoKie CGC


3/28/12 - 6/7/19

There really aren’t enough (or the right) words for a dog who changed my life so much, taught me a lifetime of experiences in just 7 years, and hundreds of new friends and mentors along the way. Too many to thank, I know I’d miss someone, so I won’t try other than Chris Kim Troy Jeff Patrice  and all my kids, Thank you for holding my hand through thick and thin. She was a true warrior.  The Queen.

Diamond Girl you sure did shine.

Ghost of The Sky Blue Ice Storm CGC


03/03/07 - 10/14/13

When you allow a "giant" into your heart, it leaves an even bigger hole when he's gone.

Sweet Baby Blue, Booboo, Blueberry, my baby dinosaur, there are no words to describe your impact on our world.

Your life was far too short, but we cherish the memories of every day we had with you, and can't wait to see you doing zoomies and chattering your teeth with excitement when we reassemble in Heaven.  

Lady Talitha Abigal


07/23/07 - 04/19/17

We took Lilly in when her owner couldn't keep her. My daughter who always wanted a Dachshund, Yorkie or Chihuahua, begged me to rescue her and keep her. So With a bow around her neck, she became my daughter 's 150 pound baby. Bred by a backyard breeder,and a "Brindlequin",  she opened many discussions on ethical breeding, and her sweet personality made her an advocate for the breed. She was my daughter's loyal friend, and a great member of our family. She also was a blood donor on more than one occasion in order to try to save other dogs lives. Lilly was also a big hit with kids during preschool tours at the veterinary clinic where I worked. 

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