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Welcome to the CoKie Great Dane Litterbox

Thank you for your interest in a CoKie Great Dane puppy. 


Before you inquire about owning ANY Great Dane, please be sure you’ve done your research.  This breed is magnificent, beautiful to look at and puppies are so much fun!  However, you must be prepared to be committed to the lifetime of the dog.  This can be more than a decade. 

Where do you think you will be over the next decade?  Is a giant dog still in that picture?  Giants are just that.  And, they are expensive.  They eat a lot, and should be fed only high-quality, low-protein dog food or be Raw fed.  Most canine medicines and preventions are given according to weight.  This usually means 2 of everything to get the right dosage.  Twice the expense.  Due to their size they are more susceptible to certain health issues such as Bloat, HOD, Pano, Hip Dysplasia, Heart issues, etc…  There will be more to “pick up” in the yard.  A bigger puddle under the water dish, or shaken from the lips, and much larger muddy paw prints after the rain.  They can knock over things with their long tails, also tables and counters are made at a perfect height for them.

 But, they have giant hearts and give giant love like you have never known.

Much research, time, and expense goes into our decision to have a litter.  Our Great Danes are family members and we have a lifelong interest in the puppies.  The puppies will be vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated when appropriate, well-socialized, and be exposed to lots of fun and stimulating situations.  They will have experience with

Dremmels, baths, steps, crates, and be started on potty training.  Our adult dogs are health tested as recommended by the GDCA/OFA guidelines (heart, thyroid, eyes, hips, elbows), prior to breeding.  We breed only when we feel a pairing will improve the breed for both health and temperament.  All puppies are raised the same whether going to show, performance, or companion homes.

We will be available for the lifetime of the puppy for support. We want to share in your successes and enjoyment and have you be part of our extended family.  

Puppies going to Companion only homes will be sold on a spay/neuter contract, and with limited registration.  No exceptions. 

If you would like to be part of the CoKie Dane family, please click on the link on bottom of this page and fill out the Puppy Application

We will contact you to answer any other questions you may have and to get to know you better, should a litter become available.

Thank you.



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