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Previous Litters

The Musical Litter

Lyric gave us 9 beautiful babies, 8 boys & 1 girl August 14, 2022!  They are all in their homes and as sweet and loved as can be.

CoKie's The Clash "Rhetoric" Now Rex

CH CoKie's Unchained Melody "Ghost"

CH CoKie's Spotify "Player" Now Tavish

CoKie's Phantom of the Opera "Phantom" Now Mars

CoKie's Mystic Rhythms "Geddy" Now Tux

CH CoKie's Everybody Talks "Whisper"

CoKie's Tennessee Whiskey "Cowboy" Now Romeo

CoKie's Bohemian Rhapsody "Tempo" Now Sully

CoKie's Pied Piper "Pi" Now Charlie

The Southern Charm Boys

Bugs x Story gave us 5 handsome boys on August 6, 2020

CoKie's Buffalo Trace "Trace" Harl M

CoKie's Southern Charm "Nashville" Harl M

CoKie's Talk Derby To Me "Colt" Black M  (now Nash)

CoKie's Maker's Mark "Tiller" Harl M  (now Jury)

CoKie's Love Sneakin' Up On You v Coquina" Elijah" Harl M  (now Lovebug)

All are in their wonderful new homes


Our Tales of Adventure

Woody x Story gave us 6 beautiful puppies on March 11, 2019.     3 Boys & 3 Girls

CoKie's Color My World "Jester" Harl M

CoKie's Brown Eyed Girl "Page" Pied F

CoKie's Hooked On A Feeling "Chapter" Pied M   (now Yogi)

CoKie's Into The Mystic "Lyric" Harl F

CoKie's The Weight Of The Badge "Romeo" Black M  (now Leo)

CoKie's Crazy Love "Secret" Mantle F

All are in their wonderful new homes

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