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Previous Litters

The Southern Charm Boys

Bugs x Story gave us 5 handsome boys on August 6, 2020

CoKie's Buffalo Trace "Trace" Harl M

CoKie's Southern Charm "Nashville" Harl M

CoKie's Talk Derby To Me "Colt" Black M  (now Nash)

CoKie's Maker's Mark "Tiller" Harl M  (now Jury)

CoKie's Love Sneakin' Up On You v Coquina" Elijah" Harl M  (now Lovebug)

All are in their wonderful new homes


Our Tales of Adventure

Woody x Story gave us 6 beautiful puppies on March 11, 2019.     3 Boys & 3 Girls

CoKie's Color My World "Jester" Harl M

CoKie's Brown Eyed Girl "Page" Pied F

CoKie's Hooked On A Feeling "Chapter" Pied M   (now Yogi)

CoKie's Into The Mystic "Lyric" Harl F

CoKie's The Weight Of The Badge "Romeo" Black M  (now Leo)

CoKie's Crazy Love "Secret" Mantle F

All are in their wonderful new homes

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